Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I'm still around..

Things have been super busy around the Urbnpop camp, Lots of shows in the works..

I'm going to be in the Day of the Dead Show at youngblood, and you will not even recognize what I have come up with.. I'm super stoked on this one, its like nothing I have ever done, hell, there are no Monsters or little buddys at all on it.. But do not fret, its not a super regular thing I intend to do.. hahahah.. Then November is going to be craftastic with Urbnpop visiting Chattanooga for the first time at Chatty Crafty and then Athens Craft fest and then I'm returning to Ice in Atlanta.. So as they come up, I'll post some new news...

Thanks for making this guys dream come true...


In the mean time, if you can not stand to wait for me to post on Blogger, you can go to my Tumblr page where I post more often ( cuz there is an app for that )

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

See ya Saturday!! Tons of New Art....


So it hit me today, that I’ve damn near painted over 1000 monsters these last 3 years… To celebrate I’m going to give a few away for free!! Starting this weekend through Labor day weekend, when you spend $80 or more at my booth, you have a $ 20 credit toward any Monster painting. It can be used then or with in the next 3 months… So Make it a point to stop by my booth at the Atlanta Roller Girls Bout Aug 28th or Dragon Con and pick your self up some new art….

( Sorry only good at in-person appearances, not online..)

Friday, July 2, 2010

"Sky Walk with me" art opening afterthought!

You know that calm period before a storm? Well that calm period must of happened about 5 hours before we got to the "Sky Walk with Me" Art opening at the Highlander, because at 8 pm when the event started it was a mad house in the Highlander. I knew that Star Wars would bring a crowd, but this was more than a crowd of art goers, it was a room of rabid nerddom, Drink, sharing favorite Star Wars Quotes and exchanging money for art. There was such an awesome energy in the room, drinks kept coming, art kept selling and laughs were had all around, the way I think art shows should be, a party not a golf match ( um.. where everyone is quite as a mouse). This batch of art the curators Jean Baugon and Ryan Shuckhart gathered up was the best so far of there three shows that have hosted at the Highlander. There were so many pieces that needed to go home with me, but at lass I'm waiting till Aug for the big Star Wars Convention in Orlando, so I'm hanging on to my penny's tightly. I couldn't talk so highly of this show and not mention that there were so many great pieces for sale ( hint hint and still are..) but some of my favorites were Keith Rein's , Miss Beckki, Dave Stryer's, Jared Oldham's, Craig Henderson's and Mike Groves. There was also a set of portraits of a Biker Scout, Luke in X-wing gear and a Tie-Pilot done by this guy that I just can not remember his name, but if you get a chance to see them, you will know what I'm talking about ( Just Awesome). Besides all the great art, some of the 501st came out in costume to help make the night special ( something is really special when you can share a drink with Jango Fett ( Photo to come soon). So as you can tell, I had a blast at this show and hope that you get a chance to go see the art, It hangs till Aug 1st and as the art sells, new are will be hung, so keep going back for more.
You can find The Highlander at 931 Monroe Drive • Atlanta, Georgia 30308 • (404) 872-0060

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I also started a tumblr blog too! I can add audio and video and post from my phone which is super awesome for when I'm on the road! If you want sign up over there. If it becomes to crazy to keep up with both, I will probably land my feet at the Tumblr..

Star Wars! Monsters and More

July is off to a bang!

Tonight at the Highlander I'm in a Star Wars Themed art show! Super Stoked.. Here is the address to
The Highlander-
931 Monroe Circle Northeast
Atlanta, GA 30308-1778
(404) 872-0060
Fun starts at 8 pm. Many of the artist, including my self will be in attendance!

Then on the 16th I will have some of my Monsters grace the walls of the Kai-Lin Gallery in Midtown Atlanta.
Here is the address to the Kai-Lin
800 Peachtree Street, Suite A | Atlanta, Georgia 30308

Lots of good stuff going around this month! I will be making a stop in Louieville KY at the end of the month for the Frightnight Film Fest..

Monday, June 21, 2010

Hey!! I'm back

So yet again, I got super crazy busy at conventions and forgot I could
update this blog from my phone!! Silly me!!
So now that I know I can update this from where ever!! I should
get better at it!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hanging art for "Geeklife" today..

Today is the last day for me to complete some art for my solo show this weekend at the Plaza Theater.. I'm hoping to finish 5 new ones? If not, I'm ok with that.. This is some of my favorite art and I'm stoked to be sharing it with you.. Hope to see you all!


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sorry Been absent!

Between all the traveling and painting for shows at Radial Cafe, The Plaza and all the Comic Conventions.. I have been super absent from my blog... I'm getting better grips on things and it all should be better soon!! In the Mean time, I will be doing some Live Painting at the Highland Ballroom this week for the LaserBeam Kitty Party!! Come show some love... If the word party was not enough, how bout Bret Thompson will be there too....

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mark your calender-- " Geek Life " My solo show is coming!!

Make sure your free for a kick ass evening of movies and art, ala all things nerdy!!! April 10th at the Plaza Theater in Atlanta Ga, I have my second solo show! Starts at 8 for the art, please contact the Plaza for show times and prices of the movie.. Speaking of the movie- It's Back to the Future. Bad Ass!!!
Hope to see ya there!


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

More Convention dates added..

I'm unstoppable... I just added Heroes Con in Charlotte NC. on June 4th-6th, The Florida Supercon in Miami Fl on June 18th-20th and the Frightnight Film Fest on July 30th-Aug 1st in Louisville Ky. Still working on more. I might make a appearance at the Atlanta Furry Con ( you heard me right).. See you around the block!


Working on August - Oct now!

Friday, January 29, 2010

First leg of my Comic/Horror Convention apperances

My 2010 Comic/Horror tour schedule will be

Feb 7th- Atlanta Comic Con
March 12-14- Megacon Orlando Fl
20-21-MomoCon Atlanta Ga
May-2nd-Free Comicbook Day- Criminal Records L5P
May-15th- Fanaticon- Ashville Nc
May-21-23-Imagicon- Birmingham Al
More TBA

I drew a poster for the upcoming tour!!

I drew this for a couple of shows I'm doing with my friends Damion SUomi, Lauris Vidal and Andy Zipf.. Can wait.. Pne more week and we are off on the road!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

February Tour with Damion Suomi, Lauris Vidal and Andy Zipf

I will be hitting the road in February for a little Tour with my Pals Damion Suomi(, Lauris Vidal (, and Andy Zipf ( some live art and pedaling my from town to town. Hope you can make it out.

The Alcove


February 7, 2010 - TBA

Studio B February 8, 2010 - 8:00 PM8:00 PM at Studio B - Damion Suomi and the Minor Prophets, Lauris Vidal, Israel Darling
520 S. Elm St., Greensboro, North Carolina 27406
Black CatFebruary 9, 2010 - 8:30 PM-
2/9/2010 8:30 PM at Black Cat
1811 14th St , N.W., Washington, Washington DC 20009
Cost: $10

The Living RoomFebruary 10, 2010 - 11:00 PM
2/10/2010 11:00 PM at The Living Room 54 Ludlow St, New York City, New York 10002

More to Come, Hope to see ya Soon,

My new friends at wrote some kind words about me. Check em out'

Urbn Pop

ATL art, thoughtfully wacked-out

An artist's vision can take on bizarre forms: there was the controversial feces-dotted Virgin Mary collage in NY a few years ago, which was nothing compared to the painting with the farmer standing outside his house. Y'know, with that wife of his? And the pitchfork?!? Man, that was messed up. Unafraid to push the creative envelope, Urbn Pop.

The nom d' art of a dude who dropped out of AIA in protest when it dropped illustration for Photoshop classes, Pop turns out kooky, cartoon-styled work using recycled or reclaimed materials, which he oddly claims are entirely motivated by his feelings towards "America's most-collected living artist", QVC regular Thomas Kinkade, whom he "respects as a businessman", but also hates, probably because he sucks. The twisted fun starts with horror-inspired wood block paintings like "Hellraiser" (w/ cartoony, 3D-needled Pinhead) and "Nightmare on Elm Street" w/ a bug-eyed Freddy, handmade toys like robots made of automotive parts, and the highlights: stuffed animal heads like a Care Bear and Winnie The Pooh mounted on wooden plaques -- see what happens when you grow up, Christopher Robin? See what happens?? He also remixes existing paintings and photos by adding comic-style illustrations, as with "Batman" (drawn hanging upside down over a B&W aerial photo of warehouses), and various vintage record covers, including a green triple-eyed goon drawn over the Care Bears movie soundtrack, and a 45" with a three-eyed purple shark about to gobble a showgirl called "The Follies of Paris", which you've already seen, in really bad night-vision.

UP's also peddling tees with monsters posing together around "Urbn Pop" text, plus the first issue of a comic series, featuring a rabbit named Oswald and a dead bear named Hank with arrows in his back -- controversial, yes, but not nearly as bad as that sculpture of the dude who's just sitting there thinking...quick, cover the children's eyes!!!
You really need to click here without hesitating; this guy will be adding a mounted-head Elmo any day now, and you know how crazy crowds go over Elmo -- click now! Do it!!

You can see the article on their website at-

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I've been away!

Hello y'all
So December came and went, I had full intentions of taking a vaca from art the whole month, but that did not last. About two weeks in to the month, my wife watched me twitch and become grumpy. The means one of two things, I'm hungry, or that I have not drawn anything in a while.. Both have the same results, I'm usually hard to deal with, intill we resolve the problem. So I broke my Vaca, and got back to the drawing board. Thank the maker- this oil bath feels so good- ( as quoted from C3po in Star Wars)

Flash forward to January 2010- Tons of new drawings and stuff are appearing all over the place... I'm happy.. Since I have a studio that is not our living room, my wife is happy.. Its happy times at the Hamer home..

So 2010 looks like its starting off with a bang- I did my first live painting in Orlando this last Jan at the Social, I had my first Group show at mint titled " Not you" and then entered the Pabst blue Ribbon Contest.. It looks like I will be doing a show at Radial Cafe in Atlanta and Rejoining all my comrades in the Comic industry at Megacon in Orlando in March and then my big solo show of the year in April at The Plaza theater.. So much happening... More to come on all my appearances, and the rest of the year for my art hap's.. So stay tuned and thanks for reading this blog..

Here are a few new pieces I'm working on!