Friday, July 2, 2010

"Sky Walk with me" art opening afterthought!

You know that calm period before a storm? Well that calm period must of happened about 5 hours before we got to the "Sky Walk with Me" Art opening at the Highlander, because at 8 pm when the event started it was a mad house in the Highlander. I knew that Star Wars would bring a crowd, but this was more than a crowd of art goers, it was a room of rabid nerddom, Drink, sharing favorite Star Wars Quotes and exchanging money for art. There was such an awesome energy in the room, drinks kept coming, art kept selling and laughs were had all around, the way I think art shows should be, a party not a golf match ( um.. where everyone is quite as a mouse). This batch of art the curators Jean Baugon and Ryan Shuckhart gathered up was the best so far of there three shows that have hosted at the Highlander. There were so many pieces that needed to go home with me, but at lass I'm waiting till Aug for the big Star Wars Convention in Orlando, so I'm hanging on to my penny's tightly. I couldn't talk so highly of this show and not mention that there were so many great pieces for sale ( hint hint and still are..) but some of my favorites were Keith Rein's , Miss Beckki, Dave Stryer's, Jared Oldham's, Craig Henderson's and Mike Groves. There was also a set of portraits of a Biker Scout, Luke in X-wing gear and a Tie-Pilot done by this guy that I just can not remember his name, but if you get a chance to see them, you will know what I'm talking about ( Just Awesome). Besides all the great art, some of the 501st came out in costume to help make the night special ( something is really special when you can share a drink with Jango Fett ( Photo to come soon). So as you can tell, I had a blast at this show and hope that you get a chance to go see the art, It hangs till Aug 1st and as the art sells, new are will be hung, so keep going back for more.
You can find The Highlander at 931 Monroe Drive • Atlanta, Georgia 30308 • (404) 872-0060

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I also started a tumblr blog too! I can add audio and video and post from my phone which is super awesome for when I'm on the road! If you want sign up over there. If it becomes to crazy to keep up with both, I will probably land my feet at the Tumblr..

Star Wars! Monsters and More

July is off to a bang!

Tonight at the Highlander I'm in a Star Wars Themed art show! Super Stoked.. Here is the address to
The Highlander-
931 Monroe Circle Northeast
Atlanta, GA 30308-1778
(404) 872-0060
Fun starts at 8 pm. Many of the artist, including my self will be in attendance!

Then on the 16th I will have some of my Monsters grace the walls of the Kai-Lin Gallery in Midtown Atlanta.
Here is the address to the Kai-Lin
800 Peachtree Street, Suite A | Atlanta, Georgia 30308

Lots of good stuff going around this month! I will be making a stop in Louieville KY at the end of the month for the Frightnight Film Fest..